Tourism to Bashkiria
for people with disabilities

Now you can go on a journey
and get emotions that won't fade with time

The Republic of Bashkortostan is distinguished by its bright color, which is combined with special climatic conditions and the goodwill of the inhabitants, which will leave only pleasant memories and positive emotions.

The history of the region is full of events that are interesting to curious people, and outdoor enthusiasts can try your hand at different fields.

For people with disabilities, Bashkiria opens up new horizons, and allows you to change dramatically for a while the usual way of life. In a short period of time, you can experience new sensations and stock up on a charge energy. The rich nature of the region gives the mountains of the Urals with mysterious caves, dense forests, lakes and rivers with the purest water and beckons with endless steppes.

Accessible attractions

Historical Overview

The White River

Active recreation charges positive for many months. Rafting on the rivers of Bashkiria from Ufa will help to combine extreme conditions and fascinating impressions of the contemplation of the beauties of nature in one trip. Here everyone will be able to retire from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ufa, Russia


Interesting events